Jay Winik

Author of international best seller April 1865: The Month That Saved America, Jay Winik became world-famous when his insights into the final month of the Civil War provided an extraordinary mirror to the challenges of September 2001.

Just as he served the Bush administration in its time of need, he now offers audiences the same eye-opening view of the nation's past, present and future. Celebrating the unquestioned resilience of the American people, Winik brings history to life through tales of comeback success in the wake of profound national struggle. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award for his first book, On The Brink, Winik provides regular commentary for NBC News. He has appeared on every major network and cable news outlet, including Today, ABC World News Tonight, CNN and The Charlie Rose Show.

Dubbed "the Bush administration's favorite historian," Winik has also enjoyed a distinguished career in national security and foreign policy.