Jonathan _Foley

Dr. Jonathan Foley

Jon Foley is the Director of the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he is also the Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. Dr. Foley's work focuses on the relationship of climate change to other global environmental problems such as land use, agriculture, food security and health. He and his students and colleagues have contributed to our understanding of large-scale ecosystem processes, global patterns of land use, the behavior of the planet's water and carbon cycles, and the interactions between ecosystems and the atmosphere. Dr. Foley joined the University of Wisconsin faculty in 1993 as the first Bryson Distinguished Professor of Climate, People and Environment. He has won numerous awards and honors, including the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development Award, the Samuel C. Johnson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, the J.S. McDonnell Foundation's 21st Century Science Award, and the Sustainability Science Award from the Ecological Society of America. In 1997, President Bill Clinton awarded him the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. He has also been named an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow of the Ecological Society of America. He is currently the Chief Editor of the interdisciplinary scientific journal, Earth Interactions.