Paul _Solman

Paul Solman

The popular Business and Economics correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Paul Solman has been demystifying money matters (and, occasionally, art, sports, and journalism) for over 25 years. In 2004, Mr. Solman won his second Peabody Award for his NewsHour report on the undercounting of unemployment. He has also won several Emmy Awards, most recently for his reporting on Microsoft, and has been named to TV Guide's All-Star News "dream team."

The founding editor of the alternative Boston weekly The Real Paper, Mr. Solman began his career in business journalism. He has served on the Harvard Business School faculty, teaching media, finance, and business history, and co-authored a better-than-average seller, Life and Death on the Corporate Battlefield, about which The New York Times wrote, "You can spend two years and $20,000 attending Harvard Business School [this was 1983], or you can read this book." He has been the business reporter at WGBH Boston since 1977 where he is still based. Many of Mr. Solman's TV reports are used in college economics courses throughout the world. A one-time cab driver, kindergarten teacher, editor at Mother Jones magazine, and management consultant, Mr. Solman is also the presenter for and author of Discovering Economics with Paul Solman, a series of videos distributed by McGraw-Hill that he hopes will transform the way we teach introductory economics.