Christopher Mahoney

Christopher Mahoney is Senior Vice President in the Photograph Department of Sotheby's, New York City. He joined Sotheby's as Senior Cataloguer in 1995, after four years with Swann Galleries, where he was both Senior Cataloguer and an auctioneer. After Denise Bethel, Mr. Mahoney is the most senior expert in the world of American photographs auctions, with 15 years of solid experience in soliciting, estimating, researching and cataloguing photographs for auction sale.

His wide-ranging knowledge and skills have been essential to the success of all of Sotheby's record sales in recent years, especially An Important Collection of Photographs by Eugéne and Adalbert Cuvelier, and the David Feigenbaum Collection of Southworth & Hawes, for which he was the primary catalogue author; the Stephen R. Anaya Collection of Gold Rush Daguerreotypes, where he again authored all of the catalogue entries; Important Photographs from The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Photographs from the Collection of 7-Eleven; two sales of photographs from The Museum of Modern Art; and the auction of Berenice Abbott Photographs from the Museum of the City of New York. He has also contributed photographs entries for lots in other Sotheby's auctions, most notably the collection of photographs in the sale of works by Allen Ginsberg and his circle.

Mr. Mahoney earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography at New York University and holds a Master of Arts and Humanities Degree from the University of Buffalo. Trained as a photographer, Mr. Mahoney brings to his work not only the eye of a connoisseur, but also an in-depth understanding of photographic processes, papers, technical details and cameras. His work as a photographer has led him to experiment with both conventional and alternative photographic processes, and to pursue his interest in chronicling the work of contemporary daguerreotypists, on which he is an authority. He has written on various photographic subjects for 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography, the Daguerreian Annual and the PhotoArts website. He has lectured for a variety of institutions and groups, among them the Detroit Institute of Art, the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, the Springfield Art Museum of Massachusetts, The Philadelphia Art Alliance, Atlanta's High Museum of Art, and at other locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, New Jersey, and the Bahamas.