Shuja Nawaz

Shuja Nawaz, a native of Pakistan, is director of the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council. Nawaz has worked with RAND, the United States Institute of Peace, the Center for Strategic and International Studies and other leading think tanks on projects dealing with Pakistan and the Middle East. He has also advised or briefed senior government and military officials and parliamentarians in the United States, Europe and Pakistan.

Nawaz is the author of Crossed Swords: Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within and the principal author of FATA: A Most Dangerous Place; Pakistan in the Danger Zone: A Tenuous U.S.-Pakistan Relationship; and Learning by Doing: The Pakistan Army's Experience with Counterinsurgency. Previously, he was a newscaster and producer for Pakistan Television and covered the 1971 war with India on the Western Front.

Formerly head of three separate divisions at the International Monetary Fund, Nawaz was a director at the International Atomic Energy Agency and has worked for The New York Times and the World Health Organization. He has served as editor of the multilingual IMF and World Bank quarterly Finance and Development and on the editorial advisory board of The World Bank Research Observer. He is a graduate of Gordon College, Rawalpindi, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.