Imam Abdulaziz Eddebbarh Ph.D.

Imam Abdulaziz Eddebbarh holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and benefited from a traditional Islamic Education in Morocco. Retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he worked on projects dealing with nuclear waste disposal, nuclear contamination cleanup, and international nuclear diplomacy for nuclear non-proliferation, since his arrival to the U.S. in 1979 he has being working on promoting cultural understanding and interfaith harmony. His passion is working with other faith communities to nurture an environment in which future generations of Muslim Americans will contribute to American society from the strong bond of a moderate, interfaith-appreciative, shared practice of the Islamic faith. He also includes among his passions educating about Islamic appreciation and perspectives regarding the environment and the natural world.

Dr. Eddebbarh is a co-Director and Founder of the first American Muslim-Jewish Dialogue, having led in 1998 a delegation of American Muslims and Jews on a peace-seeking journey to Morocco and the Middle East. Chairman of the Board of the Ibn Asheer Institute for Islamic Studies, he is a former spokesman of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and a member of the Las Vegas Interfaith Council. Dr. Abdulaziz is also co-founder and a past president of the Santa Fe Interfaith Leadership Alliance; a signatory of "A Common Word among Us;" and he was a Friday Khatib at mosques in Dubai and Ruaiss Abu Dhabi UAE for 2 years. In addition to being the Imam of the TaHa Mosque, Imam Abdulaziz is a Friday Jumaa Khatib at Masjid Assabour and Jamai Majid in Las Vegas and PMA Mountain View in California.He is currently enrolled in the Hartford Seminary Islamic Chaplaincy Program.