Obi Felten

Director, X Foundry

Obi Felten is a startup mentor and angel investor who is head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world at X (formerly known as GoogleX). X is a moonshot factory whose mission is to invent and launch moonshot technologies that make the world a radically better place. At X, Felten is director of X Foundry, which houses the earliest stages of X projects. Those projects include self-driving cars, self-flying delivery vehicles, energy kites and Internet from balloons. As director of X Foundry, she is responsible for getting early stage X projects from the lab into the real world (or ensuring they fail fast). Previously, she was director of consumer marketing for Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before Google, Felten launched the ecommerce business of a major UK retailer and worked as a strategy consultant.Felten also set up Campus London, a Google-funded space for tech entrepreneurs. She is on the board of Shift, a non-profit designing products to address social problems like youth mental health. She is also on the board of Picasso Labs, a tech startup. Felten has degrees in philosophy and psychology from Oxford University.