Ali S. Asani

Prof. Asani holds a joint appointment between NELC and the Study of Religion. He also serves on the faculty of the Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies. He has taught at Harvard since 1983, offering instruction in a variety of languages such as Urdu/Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati and Swahili as well as courses on various aspects of the Islamic tradition. In addition to his specialization in the Muslim literatures of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Prof. Asani is also interested in Shiism, Sufism and popular or folk forms of Muslim devotional life, and Muslim communities Besides his various language courses, he teaches Foreign Cultures 70: Understanding Islam and Contemporary Muslim Societies; Religion 1555: An introduction to the Islamic mysticism: the Sufi tradition; Religion 1585: Islam in South Asia; Religion 1551: For the love of God and his prophet: literature and the arts in Muslim devotional life.Professor Asani recently received the Harvard Foundation medal for promoting intercultural and racial understanding at Harvard and in the nation.