Don Mowatt

Don Mowatt was for 34 years producer of radio features and drama at the CBC in Vancouver and the leading western contributor to the acclaimed IDEAS series. Winner of nearly every major award in broadcasting, including two George F. Peabody medals in N.Y., he is still active as a freelance producer of radio features and plays, though retired from the CBC since 1997. He is co-director of Western Gold Theatre, a lecturer for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, and a playwright, actor and musician with the Scandinavian communities on the Pacific Coast from B.C. to Oregon. His play The Collected Silences of David's Mother was recently taken on a tour of England by the Cambridge University Music Conference. His published opera libretto THE CARAVANSERAI was commissioned and set to music by Cambridge composer Kate Waring and is planned for production in England in 2006.