David Rusk

Author and consultant, called on to speak in over 90 cities since 1991, David Rusk is a leading American regionalist who combines scholarship with practical political experience. He has been both a state legislator in New Mexico and mayor of Albuquerque, the nation's 36th largest city.

Rusk's articles have been published in numerous papers including the New York Times, Washington Post and Newsday. His largest journalistic undertaking was Renewing Our Community: The Rusk Report on the Future of Greater York, a 24-page supplement published by the York (Pa.) Daily Record in November 1996. Rusk has not only traveled and lectured across the United States but also in such foreign cities as Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Delft, and Toronto. He has testified before legislative groups in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Virginia. Rusk graduated Phi Beta Kappa in economics from the University of California at Berkeley. From 1963 to 1968 he was a civil rights and anti-poverty worker with the Washington Urban League. He then was legislative and program development director for the U.S. Department of Labor's Manpower Administration. In 1971 he and his wife, Delcia Bence of Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to Albuquerque, where they raised their three children. They now live and work out of Washington, D.C. where Mrs. Rusk serves as his research associate and business manager.