Dr. Cheryl L. Shavers

Dr. Cheryl L. Shavers is General Manager of the Advanced Technology Operation in the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel. Her responsibilities include the structuring of strategic alliances and development of manufacturing infrastructures for technology investments involving systems and manufacturing equipment. Additionally, she manages business operations of future generation devices for PC platforms as well as custom peripheral chipsets that fit into Intel's strategic wafer investment objectives.

Prior to receiving her doctorate, Dr. Shavers worked as a product engineer at Motorola, Semiconductor Product Sector, concentrating on discrete device applications. Upon graduation, she was recruited by Hewlett-Packard's Cupertino Integrated Circuit Operations as a process engineer working on thin film applications for MOS and bipolar technologies. Dr. Shavers then joined Wiltron Company as a microelectronics section manager to oversee the start-up, process integration, and fabrication of microwave devices. She later worked for Varian Associates, Thin Film Technology Division, as a thin films applications manager where she headed a laboratory in the development of multilevel metallization processes and deposition systems for submicron technology.

Dr. Shavers has authored or co-authored numerous articles and publications. She was recognized for outstanding achievements in the sciences with an award presented by Phi Lambda Upsilon, an honorary chemical society at Arizona State University. In addition to her participation in numerous outreach programs, including PBS programs such as "Real Science" and The Discovery Channel's "Wizards and Alchemists," Dr. Shavers is currently an active board member of the Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship program sponsored by the Intel Foundation; a guest lecturer in the Distinguished Lectures in Technology series also sponsored by the Intel Foundation; an invited speaker at several universities and business functions; an industrial mentor for the Semiconductor Research Corporation; an industrial advisor for the Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association (SIMA); a board member for the Manufacturing Advisory Board for San Jose State University; a member of the Board of Directors and the Chairperson of Technology for the American Red Cross; and a member of the Electrochemical, Materials Research and American Vacuum Societies.

Dr. Shavers holds a B.S. in chemistry and a Ph.D. in solid-state chemistry from Arizona State University and is a practicing registered patent agent with the Patent & Trademark Office of the Department of Commerce, a government agency.